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An overview of our company's services


Our Services

We have hundreds of years of experience cumulatively in Rotating Equipment, Project Development & Delivery, and Maintenance. REVAS therefore, offers a wide variety of services such as Maintenance & Reliability Improvement and Turn-Around Services, Project Life Cycle Services, and Technology Development and Capability Development. Each can be tailored to suit your exact operational needs. 

What We Offer

MRTA - Maintenance & Reliability Improvement and Turnaround (TA) Services
  • Asset Master Plan development, RCA studies, Bad Actor Solutions, RCM studies

  • Compressor Performance Assessment and Optimization, Re-rates and Upgrades

  • Turnaround support, TA scope challenge

  • Energy Conservation Management

  • Development/review of LTSA contracts

  • Condition Monitoring Services

Gas Turbine and Compressor Maintenance and Inspection
  • Provision of Service Engineers and Maintenance Crew

  • Centrifugal Compressors (All types and makes)

  • Gas Turbines: E-class All GE Types (inquire for other major manufacturers)

Project Life Cycle
  • Project Management Services (Project Management, Engineering Management and Machinery Support

  • Development and optimization of equipment concept and Reliability/Availablity Assessment (RAM study)

  • Support of Flawless project delivery concept including process training)

  • Project Execution (including FAT, Construction and CSU support)

Technology & Capability
  • Leading vendor equipment qualification and technology risk assessment

  • Implementation of new technologies

  • Training and coaching for new and experienced staff on various rotating equipment subjects

  • Developing competency framework

Gas Turbine Maintenance
Technology & Capability
Project Life Cycle

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