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TMMonitor Software


Predictive Maintenance Software Designed for Component Life & Outage Tracking  for Gas Turbines Parts


Smart Decision Making
TMMonitor™ provides maintenance managers, site personnel and fleet owners a clear picture of what parts are driving upcoming outage decisions and how to manage gas turbine parts based on remaining life with various units within the fleet.

Cloud-Based Secure Access

Data available anytime through any device

TMMonitor is a software as a serivce (SaaS)

Data is backed up daily

Data & server security monitored 24/7/365


Critical security updates to core program are checked daily

Fulfills the new EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

Enables connections from external systems such as SAP, PI

New Component Modules

Heavy Duty Gas Turbines Module Feature


Aero Derivatives  Module Feature


Aero Derivatives, Heavy Duties, Oil & Gas Compressors


  • New component module manages Factored Fired Hours/Starts calculation. Actual parts sets (components) are connected to Component modules

  • There can be multiple modules connected to gas turbine like Rotor, Combustion, Turbine section enabling Factored hours/starts calculation independently for combustion hardware and turbine hardware

  • Traditionally aero derivative maintenance is based on replacing the modules (combustion module, turbine module) and new TMMonitor 2.0 enables this feature.

  • Oil and Gas compressors can be own component modules


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