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Kaspersky Key File Generator




Kaspersky will now provide you a license file for free, for you to use on as many computers as you wish. **Installation via the CAS Web Interface** If you’ve already installed the Kaspersky Security Network Agent in your CAS environment, you’ll see that Kaspersky have pre-installed the necessary files into the CAS web interface. ![Kaspersky Web Interface](./assets/web-interface-kaspersky-2.png) **Download the Kaspersky License** You can also use the Kaspersky downloader which will automatically install a copy of the license file on your CAS server. Once the download has completed, you’ll see the Kaspersky Console, the License Manager and the Activation Code Manager: ![Kaspersky Console](./assets/console-kaspersky.png) **Login to the Kaspersky Console** Login to the Kaspersky Console and then select the **Security** tab: ![Kaspersky Console Security](./assets/console-security.png) **Activate the Kaspersky License** Activate the Kaspersky license: ![Kaspersky Console Security](./assets/console-security-2.png) **Finalize your License** Click on the **Select** button to finalize the license. You’ll now be prompted to give Kaspersky permission to access to your credentials. Click on the **Advanced** button to finalize the license: You can now view details about your license and access to your web interface. **Using the Kaspersky License** You can access the Kaspersky website via your CAS web interface. Once you’ve installed Kaspersky Security Network Agent, you’ll see the Kaspersky website in your Kaspersky Console web interface. **Using Kaspersky Internet Security** Kaspersky Internet Security offers three licenses and has different features depending on the license. * Basic subscription: 5GB free per month * Pro subscription: 20GB free per month * Anti-v




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Kaspersky Key File Generator

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